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Monday 17 December 2018  

Plotter/Sounder: JMC V- 3300P

Plotter/Sounder JMC V- 3300P


Dual frequency (50/200 kHz) color echosounder with 10,4 inch LCD VGA display;

  • Fish search at depth up to 400 m;
  • Designed for small and medium sized vessels ;
  • Contains electronic chart and build-in GPS receiver with outward transducer;
  • Possibility of rerecording from one plotter to another of trade user information.

  • Technical specifications:

    Parameters, functionValues
    Screenanalog RGB-color backlit TFT-LCD, daylight viewing, 26,4 centimeters (10,4")
    Background Colorswhite, gray, black, cyan, blue, and dark blue
    Echo Colors, resolution8 analog RGB colors, 320240 pixels
    Echogram Storage Capacity10 screen pages
    Transducer FrequencyDual frequency: 50/ 200 kHz
    Transmit Power1 kW, RMS
    Depth Ranges, m (F, F, Br)16 ranges: from 2,5 to 1000 m
    Phasing range1-unit step phasing from 0 to 999 m
    Bottom Tracking Modesauto range and auto shift
    Expansion Ranges8 ranges: from 1.5 to 200 m
    Image Feed Rates1 : 1 or freeze
    Noise Reductionlow, mid and high
    Echo Thresholdup to 5 weak echo colors suppressible
    White Lineup to 5 strong colors of bottom echo suppressible
    Echo Dynamic Rangesfrom 3 to 7 dB/color
    STC (TVG)adjustable in 20 steps
    Transducer Draftadjustable in 0.1 unit steps
    Alarmdepth alarm and fish alarm
    Temperature SensorT-300 or T-400 thermistor (option)
    Digital I/O InterfaceNMEA-0183
    Type of transducersRS-706-50/200, RS-706-50/200-3000, RS-570-50/200
    Power Requirements11 to 40 volts DC, approx.22W
    Ambient Temperature-10 to 50C, 95% RH without condensation
    Cabinet Dimensions366245110 mm
    Display Unit Weightapprox. 3.8 kg with mounting bracket attached

    The list and characteristics of used transducers

    A scope of delivery:

    • Display;
    • GPS transducer
    • Transducer;
    • A set of mounting tools.


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    Company products:

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      JMC (Japan)
      Thrane&Thrane (Denmark)
      Furuno (Japan)
      DigitalGlobe (USA)
      Sonic (Japan)

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