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Wednesday 22 November 2017  

Automatic identification system: Transas AIS T-101

Automatic identification system Transas AIS T-101


Automatic identification system (AIS) Transas -101. Automatic exchange between vessels and shores of navigational, static, route information; information about safety at sea. Automatic receive of information GPS and GLONAS.

Can be used for spreading and receive of diff. amendments GLONAS through AIS channels. Possibility of maintenance of telecommunication requests. Reserve way of AIS synchronizing when GLONA/GPS - receiver fails.

Technical specifications:

Parameters, functionValues
Frequency range 156,025 - 162,025 MHz
Frequency step 12,5, 25 kHz
Modulation and speed of transmitting AIS-GMSK, 9600 bite/sec
DCS - FM/FSK, 1200 bite/sec
Sensitivity -107 dBm
Capacity of radio transmitter radiation 2 W, 12,5 W
Consumed capacity 60 W (Main unit)
6 W (Control panel)
Working temperature from -15 to +55
Storage temperature from -20 to +70
Permissible vibrations Corresponds to IEC 60945
Climatic execution Proof, corresponds to IEC60945, IP21
Amount of channels 16
Frequency L1, C/A
Frequency of coordinates defining 45 m (in DGNSS - 1-10 m)
Dimensions of the main unit 225 205 172 mm (without mounting)
230 221 185 mm (with mounting)
Height of VHF-antenna 500 mm
Dimensions of antenna box 140 120 80 mm
GNSS antenna dimensions (GLONAS) truncated cone with diameter in a basis - 105 mm, height 180,5 mm
GNSS antenna dimensions (NAVSTAR) dome with diameter in a basis 80 mm, height - 80 mm
Dimensions of control panel unit and indication 230 134 60 mm (without mounting tools)
245 134 60 mm (with frame of mounting)
257 134 60 mm (with screws of control panel angle fixing)
Mass of the main unit 8,0 kg
Mass of VHF-antenna 0,4 kg
Mass of GNSS antenna (GLONAS) 0,44 kg
Mass of GNSS antenna (NAVSTAR) 0,12 kg
Mass of control panel unit and indication 2,4 kg

A scope of delivery:

  • Antenna GNSS;
  • VHF-antenna;
  • Antenna cables VHF and GNSS;
  • Main unit;
  • Control and reflection panel AIS;
  • A set of mounting tools for installation;
  • Power suplly unit SI-V-180;
  • Gyro IGL-01;
  • RMRS certificate.


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