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Friday 21 September 2018  

VHF radio telephone: Furuno FM-8500

VHF radio telephone Furuno FM-8500


FM-8500 (FURUNO, Japan) is a marine VHF radiotelephone with build-in DSC. 54 international VHF channels, weather forecast, 55 programmed channels. Continuous DSC watch on CH70.

Automatic entry of own ship position with manual override. Compact design. Scanning of two channels or multi-channel scanning. Precision PLL frequency synthesizer for high frequency as required for DSC operation. All-in-one design including radiotelephone, DSC facility and watch keeping receiver. Fully meets ITU, IEC, ETSI, IMO for GMDSS and other related standards.

Compact cabinet for ease of installation. Output power 25 W, reducible to 1 W. Dual watch and multiple watch. Prevention of accidental distress alert. File editing for emergency readiness. Automatic entry of own ship position with manual override.

Has a type approval of RMRS. Is agreed with GMDSS requirements. Has a type approval of River Register. Has a type approval of DMT.

Technical specifications:

Parameters, function Values
VHF section:
Class of emission G3E (voice), G2B (DSC)
Communication system Simplex/Semi-duplex
Programmed channels Main version: 55 channels (RR Apendix 18)
American version: Main version, USA channels, weather forecast channels
Scandinavian version: Main version
Fishing/Private channels
Power supply voltage 24 V DC, +30%, -10%
Display 24 characters x 2 lines, character 5x7 dots, backlit LCD
Frequency range 155.00 - 161.475 MHz
Output power 25 W, reducible to1 W
American version: Channels 67, 13 - automatic limit up to 1 W, manual override FULL
Frequency stability 1,5 kHz (from -20 to +55C)
Time-out timer Deactivates the transmitter after an interrupted transmission of more than 5 minutes
Frequency range 155.00 - 166.075 MHz
Receiving system Double-conversion superheterodyne
IF21.4 MHz and 455 kHz
AF Output power 3 W (build-in loud speaker)
2 mW (handset)
Audio Response De-emphasis 6 dB/oct +1/-3 dB
Sensitivity 5 dBV at SINAD 20 dB
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 70 dB (from +15C to +35C)
DSC Section:
Distress call and Message Distress call attempt is transmitted as five consecutive calls. It is repeated after a random delay of between 3.5 and 4.5 min from the beginning of initial call.
Message storage (Receive) 50 distress messages plus 50 non-distress messages
Message storage (Transmit) 50 non-distress plus 99 files containing station ID, telephone No.
Interface Navigational data: IEC61162
Printer: FURUNO MIF (with Interface box)
Alarm Sound and visual
Receiver characteristics:
DSC frequency CH 70
Calling sensitivity Symbol error rate 10-2, input -3 dBV
Watch keeping continuous watch on CH 70

A scope of delivery:

  • Transceiver;
  • Handset;
  • Installation materials.

  • Whip antennas for VHF and DSC;
  • Coaxial antenna cable;
  • Power supply unit PR-300 220B/24V;
  • Printer PP-510;
  • Remote station RB-700;
  • Extension handset;
  • Mic receptacle box;
  • Interface IF-8500 for PP-510.


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