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Thursday 15 November 2018  

Sounders: Simbia CPS - 200

Color pocket sounder: Simbia CPS - 200


Simbia CPS-200 echosounder is designed for amateur fishing and allows to realize all spectrum of functions of this class echosounder, and also some functions of professional and fishfinding technique.

Echosounder is designed on a base of personal PC (Pocket PC), to which transceiver with hydro acoustic antenna is connected.

Functional possibilities:

  • Some ways of connection with transceiver - cable (interface RS-232/USB) or wireless ("Blue Tooth" technology).
  • Possibility of work with GPS module for creating navigational fish-finding complex with defining position data, course and speed move.
  • Usage of hydro acoustic antenna with temperature, speed sensors (or separate sensors) for measuring water temperature and speed of vessel move.

  • Slide's record and "alive" echograms in PC memory for future slide view and echogram playback in a real time.
  • Possibility of work during winter conditions through ice being thick up to 0,5 meters when sensitivity is a little bit decreased.
  • Wide spectrum of modes of reflected information (full screen, pelagic expansion, bottom expansion, navigational mode) and tools (A-scope, scale of depths, range cursor, line of mark, collection of color palette).
  • Autonomic echosounder power supply (PPC and transceiver separately) from build-in accumulators charged from circuit ~220 V or car accumulator.
  • Waterproof execution.

    Technical specifications:

    Parameters, functionValues
    Color LCD display (PPC)Diagonal 9 cm (3,5), 320 240 pixel (QVGA)
    Working frequency 200 kHz
    Transmit Power50 W (RMS)
    Bottom detection range (silt - sand)up to 220 meters
    Big fish detection range up to 65 meters
    Working ranges 0-5, 0-10, 0-20, 0-40, 0-60, 0-80, 0-100, 0-150, 0-200 m
    Phasingup to 200 m with step 1 m
    Dead spaceup to 0,3 m
    Accuracy of measured distanceup to 1 % (with entered correction of sound speed)
    TVG and gain control manual and automatic
    Modes of echo signals processing white line, color filter, noise suppressor, digit depth indication.
    Saving information slide and echogram record
    Display modes full screen, pelagic broadening, bottom broadening, navigational mode,
    slide and echogram review, A-scope
    Color palette of echo signals 7 or 14 colors (6 dB/color or 3 dB/color according to signal level)
    Background colorblack, blue or white
    Palette intensity day, evening, night
    PPC connection with transceiver Blue Tooth or RS-232
    executionbottom or transom
    diagram of direction 20 or 8
    additional functions (option)temperature and speed sensor
    Power supply:
    from build-in accumulatorup to 10 hours (transceiver )
    from outward source adapter
    Range of working temperatures from - 5 to + 40 (PPC according to producers data)
    PPC116 75 16 mm (or according to producers data)
    Transceiver 120 70 40 mm
    PPC150 g (without cover)
    Transceiver 250 g

    A scope of delivery:

    • Personal computer PPC (a set)
    • Transceiver TRX-200
    • Antenna 200 kHz
    • Auto charging adapter
    • CD with software
    • Technical manual


    • GPS module
    • PPC cover protecting from splashes
    • Antenna with temperature and speed sensors
    • Temperature and speed sensors Network charging adapter

    Simbia CPS-200 sounder description for PDA

    Simbia CPS-200 sounder description for PC

    Download sounder CPS-200 software and user's manual


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