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Thursday 15 November 2018  

Fish sounder: JMC V- 6201 / V- 8201

Fish sounder JMC V- 6201 / V- 8201


Single frequency (50, 120 or 200 kHz) 6-inch TFT-LCD QVGA screen echo sounder housed in an electrostatically shielded sturdy, high-impact plastic cabinet.

  • Model V-6201: 6,0 inch display. V-8201: 6,5 inch display.
  • Fully automatic mode of operation allows automatic selection of depth ranges and setting of receiver gain/STC levels for optimal display of bottom and fish echoes.
  • Manual override is also available to operate the equipment with user-selected parameters.
  • Advanced setting mode allows separate settings of range, gain, STC, feed rate, echo/background colors, dynamic range, and other parameters across split screen displays, making it possible to customize the left-hand screen to suit specific applications, while monitoring overall underwater activities beneath the vessel across the right-hand screen.

  • Technical specifications:

    Parameters, functionValues
    Screenanalog RGB-color backlit TFT-LCD, daylight viewing, 320X240 pixels
    Background Colorswhite, gray, black, cyan, blue, and dark blue
    Echo Colors7 analog RGB colors, selectable from seven groups of color
    Operating Modesfully automatic (range, gain, STC) and manual
    Echogram Storage Capacity10 screen pages
    Transducer Frequencysingle frequency: 50, 120 or 200 kHz
    Transmit Powerapprox. 400W RMS (3.2 kW peak/peak) maximum
    Depth Ranges, m (F, F, Br)16 ranges: from 2,5 to 1000 m
    Phasing range1-unit step phasing from 0 to 999 m
    Bottom Tracking Modesauto range and auto shift
    Expansion Ranges8 ranges: from 1.5 to 200 m
    Receiver Gainadjustable in 60 steps manually or automatically
    Image Feed Ratesfrom 2 : 1 to 1 : 32 and freeze
    Noise Reductionlow, mid and high
    Echo Thresholdup to 5 weak echo colors suppressible
    White Lineup to 5 strong colors of bottom echo suppressible
    Echo Dynamic Ranges3, 4, 5 and 6 dB/color
    STC (TVG)adjustable in 20 steps
    Transducer Draftadjustable in 0.1 unit steps
    Alarmdepth alarm and fish alarm
    Temperature SensorT-300 or T-400 thermistor (option)
    Digital I/O InterfaceNMEA-0183
    Type of transducersRadarSonic RS201, 50kHz, 120 kHz, 90
    Power Requirements11 to 40 volts DC, approx.15W
    Ambient Temperature-10 to 50C, 95% RH without condensation
    Cabinet Dimensions196196129 mm
    Display Unit Weightapprox. 1.7 kg with mounting bracket attached

    The list and characteristics of used transducers

    A scope of delivery:

    • Display;
    • Transducer;
    • A set of mounting tools.


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      DigitalGlobe (USA)
      Sonic (Japan)

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